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Malware protection

Malware protection

Malware protection

High quality malware protection to defend against
internet based threats

Malware is a universal problem and malware protection is a highly specialised technical domain. In this section we will explain the approach taken by FlashStart, security capabilities and our recommended best practices.

Users are getting around security

It’s very hard to find data to show people don’t care or don’t know about malware. People may not know the details, but almost everyone knows it’s a significant risk.

So here are some interesting facts:

An End Point Security Trends Report conducted throughout the full 12 months of 2019 studied Windows devices in 12,000 organisations across Europe and North America. Using a remote agent, security behaviour was studied and it was discovered that people were disabling security applications, either permanently or for a long period.

Why do people disable security protections?

Here is an interesting survey on this subject run by Dell:

  • “Updates always seem to want to install at annoying times!”
  • “I keep getting hassled to install Windows 10 and I don’t want it.”
  •  “Updates take ages.”
  • “Updates change too much stuff.”
  • “Updates trashed my system or caused big problems.”
  •  “I don’t trust Microsoft/Apple/Google!”
  •  “I don’t use automatic updates, and instead I apply patches manually.”
  • “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”
  • “It’s my system. I can do with it as I want.”

“42% of personal computers were vulnerable to malware”