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Social Protection Scheme - "Kaaraange"

“Social protection systems help individuals and families, especially the poor and vulnerable, cope with crises and shocks, improve productivity, invest in the health and education of their children, and protect the aging population. Social protection programs are at the heart of boosting human capital for the world’s most vulnerable. They empower people to be healthy, pursue their education, and seek opportunities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.” – Word Bank 

2M Corp, in partnership with openIMIS has developed an open-source platform for cash-based and in-kind transfer applications called “Kaaraange”. “Kaaraange” is a Wolof word meaning “safety”; in this context “Social Safety”.

The cash-based and in-kind transfer application can help organisations, especially those in developing countries to run multiple Social Protection Schemes. 

The application is built with the following components:

Beneficiary registration and management

The Beneficiary management module was built with the following capabilities:

Program Management module

The program management component allows the agency to define multiple cash disbursement programs. A program has the following attributes:

Disbursement Management

Payroll are generated depending on a frequency of a program. The payroll management follows an approval process. The following functionalities are within this module: